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Letters Never Sent Track Notes


Letters Never Sent
The title cut “Letters Never Sent” kicks off the CD with a combination regae/latin rhythms.  The production on this catchy song shows the years of production experience that Elliott brings to the project. Tammy Hines and Colette Simpson give a great performance with backing vocals, and this track also introduces Steve Cunningham on guitars, whose work is superb throughout the CD.  Scott Meeder, as always, brings his unique feel to the foundation on drums, and Joe Reda compliments Scott beautifully on bass. Rick Denton does double duty on this one, laying down a superb keyboard track, and, along with old friend, and great artist in his own right, Marty Beechler, contributed to the writing of this one.


Trip Fall Get Up Again
“Trip Fall Get Up Again” was featured on Atlanta’s FM 96 Rock’s “Home Cookin’” album back in the 80’s.  The remake of the original recording is a favorite at “live” performances.  This introduces the same horn section sound that can be heard on the “I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed” CD, featuring Rick Denton, on trumpet, Bob Lewis on trombone, and Elliott on tenor sax.  Old friend and hilarious Steve Carey brings his expertise on the Hammond B3 organ to the production.  Brian Newberry brought a fresh new feel to this remake and Joe Reda held it down on bass.  Check out Elliott’s growling sax fills.


Rainy Day Serenade
Elliott works his editing skills on this old favorite of his fans.  The original recording, also done back in the 80’s, featured his childhood friend, Darryl “Doc” Rini on pedal steel guitar.  Doc passed away years ago, and, as a tribute to him, Elliott took Rini’s track from the original and built the new recording around it, no easy feat.  Enjoy the haunting pedal steel on this beautiful ballad.

Turn That Steam
Another favorite when performed live, “Turn That Steam” again shows Steve Cunningham’s amazingly tasteful guitar work.  Who doesn’t love a cool wah wah guitar?  In addition to his usual vocal duties, Elliott breaks out the tenor sax for a soulful solo, and Tammy Hines and Colette Simpson join in with their sultry sound on backing vocals. Check out Elliott’s spoken words on the bridge.  Rick Denton is given credit for contributing to the writing of the music on the bridge.


Shacked Up
One of the lighter and fun songs on the CD, “Shacked Up” will pull you on the dance floor and bring a smile to your face. The girls are featured again and help create the call and response vocals with Elliott.  The lyrics are those of legendary friend of Elliott’s, Marty “Wolf” Kappleman.  Elliott and Kappleman have been writing together for over thirty years.  The “Letters Never Sent” CD is dedicated to Marty, who lost his battle to cancer while the CD was in production.


Julie Julie
This Latin feel will show the diversity of the CD.  The catchy lyric gives Elliott another chance to demonstrate his characteristically honest vocal delivery along with another spoken bridge.  Steve Carey contributes the hooky chorus lyric on this one, though does not appear as a player.  Tune into the unique voicings of the horns, another Elliott/Lewis/Denton creation.


The word “huggermugger” means secret, confused, and muddled.  Many would agree that “huggermugger” would aptly describe the authors.  This track was recorded during the “I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed” sessions and features the wonderful piano style of Clarence Bell.  Clarence was responsible for the bridge as well.  George Sessum on Bass and Brian Newberry on drums, along with Bell set the mood, that Marty “Wolf” Kappleman set to lyrics.  This song started with the bass pattern that Elliott came up with back when he was known only as a bass player….. long time ago.  The girls finally got the words right after many takes of “huggermother”.


Silver Linings
Probably Marty Kappleman’s best work as a lyricist, and “Wolf” would have sung this track had he lived.  His silky voice would have really done justice to this beautiful uplifting song.  Another appearance of the signature horn section of Bob Lewis, Rick Denton, and Garrison Elliott adds a subtlety to the mix that weaves around Steve Cunningham’s airy guitar work.  Scott Meeder on drums, and Joe Reda on bass, with percussion by Alex Lowe, making a cameo appearance, brings a Latin pop flavor to the arrangement.  It should certainly be mentioned that Alex also mixed the entire album.  “Silver Linings” was originally the title of the album.


Headin’ Uptown
“Headin’ Uptown” used to be called “Headin’ Home”, but that was before Colette and Tammy chimed in with their “uptown” vocals. Elliott plays all the instruments except drums on this mostly instrumental piece.  Gerry Hanson replaced the original “Lynn Drums” at his drum studio.


 Looney Babe
Once again, we are given a lyric from Kappleman.  A departure from the previous styles, it’s a wonderful interlude.  Steve Cunningham jumped at the opportunity to pick up his lap steel guitar and the results take you on an unexpected journey.  Elliott joins in with a sultry vocal track, and a silky soprano sax solo. 


Walkin’ Away
This addition to the mix is really just a groove, and lots of fun.  This is where the horn section really shines with more great spread voicings.  The playfulness of the lyrics and vocals add, once again, to the diversity of this project.


I Can’t Believe It
“I Can’t Believe It”, yet another Elliott/Kappelman composition, appears on the “I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed” CD as well.  The horns and backing vocals once again push the boundaries of musical tension, exploring alternative voicings with abandon!  Solid piano work by Clarence Bell, and a guest appearance by Christian Tamburr on vibes.

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