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CONVERSATIONS with Bert Elliott      

                                            an Oral History Project

All of Us Have a Place in History...

                                                        Richard Brautigan

Producer and sound designer Bert Elliott is capturing the history of our aging generations, including veterans, history makers, and people with a compelling story… in their own words.

The conversations will be invaluable to future generations, who, unfortunately are not being exposed to much of their family and community history.  Says Elliott, “I am always excited to listen to and document these fascinating gems of history using not only audio, but photography, video, and music”.  The finished recordings can be made into CD, DVD, or digital file formats, for easy uploading to websites.  Website development is also available.

Bert has a long career of audio and video production, including soundtracks for documentary films in museums, Grammy nominated album projects, and commercial voice-over recordings for many Fortune 500 companies. He has an extensive library of original music as well, and has produced many published audio books over the years.

Malachi House

Audio Samples:

Dan Albright

Dan Albright - Dan Albright

Merl Glick

Merl Glick - Merl Glick


Daniel - Daniel


Josh - Josh


Betty - Betty
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