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At first glance, Bert is a musician, but on a deeper level, he is an artist who is constantly reinventing his craft.  His writing, performing, engineering, and producing music integrate more than just the mechanics of the craft.  His music draws on his passion in everything he does.  As a multi-talented instrumentalist and singer,  Bert, as "Garrison" also engages his audiences with his warm vocal style and his artistic expressions.


From studying with Cleveland Orchestra members as a boy, to becoming a Nashville Cat,  performing in the streets of Europe, and on to continued education at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Bert  honed his craft and extended his talents beyond live performance.  His entrepreneurial launch of Bert Elliott Sound, Inc., a thriving audio post production company for 45 years, has enabled Bert to concentrate on his own projects.


In 1991, Bert hopped on a plane to realize a lifelong dream – to play music on the streets of Europe. In a train station outside Copenhagen, Bert sighted a derby hat and feather-boa-wearing, over-the-shoulder, washtub-bass-carrying man.


Bert grabbed his backpack and sax and followed the man, and introduced himself to the diminutive, yet larger-than-life character, Danny Fitzgerald, Europe’s most famous “busker,” or street musician.  Fitzgerald and his ragtag group of buskers called, “The Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band,” were headed for their street theater.  In less than an hour, Bert was the newest member of The Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band. This experience left him forever changed.


Bert frequently returns to Europe to renew his busking credentials.  He credits Danny Fitzgerald, with introducing him to many of the songs on “I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed,” and inspiring him to complete the CD project.  


Bert's life as a thriving musician encompasses both signature audio production and creative  and memorable live performance.


Garrison Elliott has recorded or performed with these amazing artists:


Earl Klugh

Tommy Talton Band

Wet Willie Band

Madeline Peyroux

Sonia Sanchez

Scotty Anderson

Marty Beech

Lost Wandering

Beatie Wolfe

TC Carson

Tom Grose

Charles King

Kathy Zavada

Arnold Whitman

Val Dempsey

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